Adblue is available to buy in various formats. You can buy AdBlue in:

COSHH information can be downloaded here: MSDS for AdBlue

How much does AdBlue cost?

The price of AdBlue will vary according to the amount delivered and the format in which it is supplied. Operators of small fleets will benefit from supply in IBC’s whereas those operating only one or two vehicles will most probably find drums the most economical solution (after considering deposit schemes and dispensing equipment options). Any operator using more than 2000 litres a month would benefit from investing in a bulk storage tank solution.

What impacts on the AdBlue price?

AdBlue is produced from high quality urea, which as a commonly used raw material can fluctuate in price. An additional consideration is that urea requires large amounts of energy to produce. Subsequently, both gas and oil prices can impact the cost of production. Other influences are foreign exchange rates and fuel prices.

Not sure of the amount of AdBlue you need to buy?

Almost all operators report demand of approximately 5% in relation to fuel consumption.

To consider two common applications, A 7.5 tonne vehicle with an average fuel consumption of 15 mpg and an annual mileage of 50,000 would use approximately 760 litres of AdBlue per year. An articulated 40ft lorry with an average fuel consumption of 7.5 mpg and an annual mileage of 100,000 would use approximately 3042 litres of AdBlue per year

AdBlue Prices

AdBlue Bulk Delivery, made via pre-loaded iso-tanks or metered bulk tanker:

Delivery quantity (litres) price (£/litre)
1-3000 0.290
3001+ 0.280

Buy AdBlue in IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Containers):

Quantity price (£/litre)
1 0.400
2-5 0.379
6-10 0.365

Buy AdBlue in Drums:

Pallets (4 per pallet) price (£/litre)
1 0.50
2-5 0.40
6+ 0.46

Buy AdBlue in Cans:

Pallets (40 cans/pallet) price (£/litre)
1-3 0.85
4-6 0.81
7+ 0.77


Current UK Prices, last updated Jan 2010

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